Word of the Year and Little victories in January

Word of the Year and Little victories in January

I hope everyone is having a wonderful beginning to the new year and to the new decade. Our new year started with the pending workload from the Holiday season. We kind of expected a whirlwind January, so we can’t complain. We knew that January was going to jam-packed with the workload and a few other social events. Thankfully I had prepared ahead (to an extent) to handle these crazy days and that did help us get through this hectic month. I’m so glad that February is almost here!

Have you seen the meme about how January feels? It always makes me smile 🙂

January, the longest month of the year.
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Word of the year 2020

Have you chosen a word for the year? I heard about it from social media. Instead of new year resolutions, we can choose a word or phrase that we can focus on in the new year. It is more like a year goal rather than a resolution. I loved the words that my insta friends had chosen – Gazelle intense, Focus, Connect, Slowdown, etc. As soon as I saw a post about choosing the word for the year, I immediately know what I needed the most to sail through the new decade – FLOW 

I want to “go with the flow” of life. I have realized that it is wise to pick and chose instead of fighting every single battle. By “battle” I mean everything including my passion, purpose and family dynamics. I can give my best in everything I do but if something is not meant to be, then I guess it is wise to move on and see where life takes me next. I want to enjoy the ride of life. So yes, Flow is the word for the year and for the decade. 

Monthly Challenge – 

I downloaded the audiobook “The Self-Care Solution” by “Jennifer Ashton” and binge listened to it. I loved all her monthly challenges and wanted to try out a few. For January, I began with her September challenge of Less Sugar. September is my birthday month and no way will I be able to start a challenge like this with the cake calling my name. So instead I began the Less Sugar or minimum intake (25gms) of added sugar challenge for January.

Little Victories of the month   

I Marie Condo-ed” my social media and unfollowed all the accounts that do not spark joy. Some women with a battalion of nannies/maids at their service yell at and advise how moms need to work on self-care and be in bed by 9 pm. Seriously! Going to bed without scrolling through social media or Netflix is a piece of good advice, but boasting that you do all and shaming others in the name of advice doesnt feel right to me. Thanks, but no thanks. I will seek motivation from real moms. All those “I do it all” super moms are off my feed now and it feels so peaceful.

I attended a class organized by my local library on Bullet Journaling. It was a weekday evening and it was skeptical about making it to the event. Thankfully with little help from my husband and meal planning ahead, I could attend the class without any worry. I loved the class and now am hooked to bullet journaling.

My monthly challenge of staying within 25g of added sugar was better than what I had imagined. I didn’t think I could do this challenge even for a week. But I’m surprised at myself for avoiding sugary snacks and choosing more healthier alternatives. I did go overboard and crossed my sugar limits a few times. But for a sweet-toothed person like me, it has been a great start. I must credit my husband for being my accountability partner and encouraging me to cut back on sugar. I’m going to continue this challenge every month until it becomes a habit to slow down my sugar intake. I’m sure I will have a few cheat days in February (hint: our wedding anniversary and valentine’s day), but I’m not going to feel guilty about it 🙂

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