Home Renovation, End of School year, Life in the last two months.

Home Renovation, End of School year, Life in the last two months.

It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog post. Life in the last two months was busy with few home renovation projects. As they say once we go to a home renovation store, we can’t stop going. I understood its meaning only after we made our Home Depot/Menards runs!

There was a show in HGTV where the team would flip and restore dying restaurants within a tight budget and time schedule. Not sure if it is still aired, but I used to enjoy watching them almost a decade ago. The team would have a 2-3 day time limit to do the wonders. Of course, there would be drama with unexpected twists and turns and uncovering new challenges while getting the work done. Our life in the last two months seemed quite similar to those shows 🙂

The contractors gave us an estimated time frame of 10-12 days per project. In reality, it took two months will so many new issues coming up. At one instant we thought we had opened up Pandora’s box by renovating our home! With dust, fumes, and chaos we survived the last couple of months. I’m grateful for how our kids adjusted during the home renovation.

For what we went through, I’m happy with the outcome and quite satisfied with how things turned out. I’m glad we wrapped up the project before the school year ended. Ah, the school year… this marks a bitter-sweet moment for me. My oldest one graduated from elementary! He will be off to Junior High in the fall. Where did the time go?!

I’m also grateful for the COVID-19 vaccination. Being fully vaccinated has made it easy to meet friends and family without any worry. Are you vaccinated yet? If not, please consider getting vaccinated.

Summer is here

Are there any summer plans for you? I’m planning to take kids on day trips and be more outdoors with them. We kicked off summer with a day trip to Boundless Adventures in Bristol, WI. It was our first visit there and our first time ziplining! We loved the park and highly recommend it!

I have enrolled kids in the summer reading program at the local library. I’m hoping to take kids out to the library at least once a week or more depending on their reading speed. Hoping to have relaxing summer with fewer power struggles by saying more “Yes” to unstructured play and Minecraft 🙂

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