Little victories of the month – February

Little victories of the month – February

Posting about my little victories of the month two weeks after stepping into March! Better late than never. February brought in new experiences and taught a few valuable lessons about life. I had my ups and downs throughout the month and am glad I tried to show up and got things done. Here are my little victories of the month.

Room Parent and Party Planning.

Have you ever been a room parent or been in PTA? Oh boy! It is hard. Huge shout out to all the parents that involve in your kid’s school/PTA activities. I volunteered for being the room parent for the academic year. It is nice to be a volunteer but planning everything for the class all alone is a bit tiring. Usually, there would be 2 room moms per class. Unfortunately, no one else volunteered and I ended up being the single room-parent. Brainstorming party ideas for tween kids was a challenge. Somehow with inputs from my son and his friends, I came up with fun games and the kids loved their Valentine’s day party. Phew! party planning and co-ordinating done and dusted. This is definitely my victory of the month and a valentine’s day that I will remember forever 🙂

Little victories of the month -February

Re-usable Feminine products and Sustainable living

I live by 3 Rs. Recycle, Re-use and reduce (Refuse as well). We as a family do not use single-use plastics like plastic cutleries, plastic grocery bags or produce bags. I have been trying to reduce plastic usage by not bring any plastic bags home. Which means we use re-usable grocery and reusable produce bags. We say no to (refuse) free cheap goods or promotional items. This February, I completely switched to reusable sanitary pads. It was shocking to hear that each sanitary pad is equivalent to 4 plastic bags! It feels so good to switch to re-usable products and move closer towards sustainable living. One more victory of the month!

Breaking the auto pilot

I have almost 55 miles commute every day. I make sure to listen to uplifting podcasts or audiobooks and make the best use of my travel time. After years of driving the same freeway, I feel that it has become muscle memory and I feel that am driving on auto pilot. To break this monotony and tried to take a new route 2 times this month. It was both a good and stupid idea 🙂 It took me longer than my usual commute time, that was a drawback for sure. I forced myself to do something which I would otherwise not do. So, I consider coming out of my usual self and trying a new thing as a little victory too!

Corona Virus Scare and handling the Pandemic

Almost 90 people in Chicagoland including a few in our neighboring suburb have been tested positive for Covid 19. Schools and libraries are closed and the park districts have canceled all their activities. We have been asking kids to follow the basic hygiene and wash hands thoroughly.

It is very hard to remain calm and not panic in this situation. I hope and pray that this too shall pass and we will all emerge stronger than ever. How are you coping with this pandemic?

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