Secret to a blissful life

Secret to a blissful life

Everyone wants to lead a joyful life. A life without stress and worries. That sounds magical but let’s admit it; stress and worry are a part of our life. The secret to look beyond the negatives and still enjoy the journey of life lies in practicing GRATITUDE. This simple word has the power to change our lives for good.

It all began early last year. I was shook by an incident that made me hug my loved ones a little tighter. That incident hit me so hard that it made me realize the worth of all that I posses! Since then I have been practicing gratitude everyday. Before you ask, let me answer the obvious. No, my problems have not magically disappeared. Instead I feel happy and at peace doing the same mundane everyday chores.

Here is a quote about gratitude by Oprah Winfrey that sums up all –

Don’t reserve gratitude for the turkey day alone. Even on a bad day you could still find something to be thankful for! Cannot come up with anything? Oh well, be thankful for the breath that you just took. Hoorah you are alive! What a blessing that is!

I’m grateful for my beautiful family and wouldn’t trade it anything in this world. What are you grateful for today?

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