Use Gratitude to Change a Difficult Circumstance

Use Gratitude to Change a Difficult Circumstance

Can we change a circumstance by simply practicing gratitude? Can gratitude be a one-stop solution to fix any difficult circumstance or situation and change our life?

Having the skill of changing your thinking and creating the result you want is powerful

The quote is from Jody Moore’s latest episode “How to Change a Circumstance?” In case you didn’t know, Jody is a life coach and a podcaster. I love to listen to her and most of her teachings act as a refresher course on what I already follow and believe.

While hearing her talk about how our thinking can change a circumstance, I was literally nodding my head in approval! I strongly believe that changing our mindset is a powerful way to change a circumstance.

How can we change a circumstance?

First of all, ask this – Are you in control of the circumstance? Let’s take a circumstance, You are stuck at a job that you hate. In this case, you are in control of your circumstance.

  • You can find a better job or
  • Side hustle to get enough cash cushion bid then say good-bye to your job once for all or
  • Add skill-sets to your resume and jump up your career ladder or
  • Become a freelancer/solopreneur to pursue your passion.

It simply means that you can change the circumstances that are in your control.

Can I change circumstances that I do not control?

Yes, you can change the circumstance that you do not control by changing your mindset.

Let’s say you are unhappy about something that is out of your control. You can either be angry, sad or jealous and keep fighting against your own negative emotions. Or, accept the situation wholeheartedly and try to go with the flow.

Image of a surfer in a rough sea in the background. A quote from Jon Kabat-Zinn written on top. The quote says - you can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.

Here is an example from our life –

Over the last few years, we have been facing this emotionally painful circumstance that we have no control of. It isn’t a life-threatening issue, but painful enough to keep us weighing down.

By constantly fighting about something that we do not control of has made us vulnerable. I would cry, fume in anger and vent my rage. But that didn’t change the circumstance. It only made me feel more irritated and took a toll on my health. On the whole, we were not happy in our life. Then one day, we made a cautious decision of –

  • 1. Not to vent about the circumstance and wallow in self-pity
  • 2. Not to think about how “nice” it would be if the situation changes and
  • 3. Not to resent about the circumstance.

We changed our mindset and our thinking by adding the ingredient called “Gratitude“. We use 5 simple and doable ways to practice gratitude every day. You can read more about it here

Can gratitude change a difficult circumstance?

No, It won’t: Sadly, it may not. There is no guarantee that circumstances will miraculously change just because we apply gratitude in our lives. But gratitude can make you humble and generous enough to see the positives in the same circumstance. Your outlook towards the same situation would be totally different with a grateful heart. When we let go of what we cannot control, universe bring it closer to us 🙂

Circumstances sometimes do change once we do the work of not needing them to

-Jody Moore

Yes, It will: Good news is that being thankful helps you control your thoughts against the circumstance that cannot be changed. Once you accept the circumstance/situation, then the way you view it changes and it brings more peace than ever.

Do you practice gratitude in your life? If you do not believe in gratitude, then you must give it a try! This week take any issue that is bothering you and do the following –

  • Genuinely accept the circumstance
  • Practice gratitude.
  • Do what you can do from your end without expecting the circumstance to change.
  • Repeat.

Take this challenge for a week/month and let me know how you feel! I would love to hear your gratitude tales.

6 thoughts on “Use Gratitude to Change a Difficult Circumstance”

  • In the beginning of the year I created a gratitude jar. At the end of the day I write down what I am grateful for that day. I have been doing it every day since Jan. 3rd. I definitely see a change in my attitude and I am able to change my perspective quicker than before. It’s easier to bounce back. Gratitude works.

    • Wow! Happy to hear that you have been using a gratitude jar! Absolutely, gratitude works. We need to patient enough to follow the practice and see the change for ourselves.

  • Thanks for this! It’s not always easy to look on the bright side of things. Sometimes we just need to pause, breathe, and be grateful.

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